IV Sedation and General Anesthesia Patients: 

  • Do NOT eat or drink anything within 12 hours of your surgery.
    • A small sip of water is permitted in order to take regularly scheduled or pre-operative valium medications.
    • Diabetic patients should call us again to discuss your specific fasting and insulin plan for your procedure. 
  • Do NOT skip any medications unless instructed to do so by your physician or surgeon.  
  • Wear loose comfortable clothing but please avoid wearing long sleeved items.
  • You must bring an adult over 18 years with you; they will be responsible for getting you home and receiving after-care instructions.
  • Female patients should be prepared to provide a urine specimen for a pregnancy test. 
  • Please inform your doctor of any recent cough/cold/illness.
  • Please inform your doctor of any recent changes in your health. 


Nitrous Oxide "Laughing Gas"  &  Local Anesthesia Patients:

  • You are permitted to have a light breakfast.
  • Wear comfortable clothing
  • You may drive yourself home and do not need someone to accompany you to your visit.
  • Do not skip any medications unless instructed to do so by your physician or surgeon. 

Patients with or with a history of:

  • Heart Valve Replacements
  • Total Prosthetic Joint Replacements
  • Cyanotic Heart Defects (LISTED HERE)
  • Endocarditis or Rheumatic Fever
  • Taking Bisphosphonates (LISTED HERE)
  • On Immunosuppressants
  • Recent or current chemotherapy
  • Receiving bone grafts or implants
  • You may be required to take pre-operative antibiotics or other medications prior to your procedure.
  • Please confirm with our office and your medical doctor. 

  • Do NOT stop any medications on your own unless allowed/instructed by your physician or surgeon.

Patients on Blood Thinners or Aspirin:


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