Sinus Augmentation: The Sinus Lift

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Sinus lifting is actually just a very particular type of bone grafting procedure done in your maxilla (upper jaw) in order to provide a suitable foundation for implants.

The roots of our upper teeth not only preserve bone around them, but they also help "tent -pole" our air-filled maxillary sinus up to a level near our nose. When maxillary teeth are lost, the floor of the sinus is no longer tentpoled up by these roots and we gradually loose the preexisting bone around them too. The result after some time: our sinuses expand and it  droops down closer and closer to our gumline, leaving us with inadequate bone height to place an implant.

Our sinuses, being air filled, are not acceptable areas of placing implants;  implants need to be in solid bone in order for them to be successful. Our surgeons are actually able to locate and lift-up your sinus and then replace the void with bone for your future implant.