Pre-Prosthetic Surgery:

Have a "roadblock " in your dental treatment plan? Not to worry, we can get you through it to complete your dentist's goal and finish your final treatment. 

Tori Removal & Reduction

A torus (Tori, plural) is nothing more than a prominent area of excessive bone growth. They are typically seen on the palate (roof of mouth) or on the tongue side of the lower jaw, although, they can be seen anywhere along the jaw bones.  These are harmless and benign, but can be bulky and interfere with denture fabrication and denture wear.  Our surgeons can easily reduce/shave-down or completely remove these tori in order to provide you with a excellent fitting denture. 

All jawbones are different; they appear in all sizes and shapes. Sometimes these jaw shapes can take on a very bulky morphology with multiple convexities and concavities which can actually hinder denture stability. Our surgeons can smooth and reduce these uneven areas (called undercuts) to help your dentist make you a stable and comfortable denture.  


 Many patients have excessive or bulky tissue attachments between their lips and their gums. They can be so prominent where they actually push and pull on dentures, causing them to constantly dislodge, which can be annoying and embarrassing. Using our laser and radiosurgery cautery devices, our surgeons can easily eliminate this excessive tissue to give you a reliable stable denture.